Training Details(SEO)


On Page Optimization

At first you need to know how to make your website more SEO friendly. On Page Optimization is a process where you have to fix the all internal things ( satisfactory result from top listed Search Engine without proper On Page optimization. On things you need to remember if you have done 100% then your website we be rank on Search Engine within very short period. We always give you the best on page guidelines and latest lectures   during our training session.

Discussion on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it work?
  • Why does a website need SEO?
  • Why and when people use Search Engine?
  • How SEO impact for a website?
  • What is SERP(Search Engine Result Page)?
  • Types of SEO (Onpage and Offpage Optimization)
  • Basic Concept of Website Development
  • How to make a website more SEO friendly
  • Example a SEO Friendly Website
  • What is On page Optimization and how to apply
  • Basic HTML and CSS Knowledge
  • How to Image Optimization (Alt tag and Internal linking)
  • How Title Tag Optimization
  • What is Keyword Density and how to apply on the website
  • How to write SEO Friendly Article for a website

Keyword Research:


  • What is Keyword?
  • Why it is important?
  • Keyword Research and selection
  • Keyword Research tips and Ideas
  • Optimize Your Keyword Density
  • Keyword Density calculation formula and checking tool
  • Text Modifiers to Emphasize Your Keywords
  • Discussion on LSI Keywords
  • Using Google Insights for Search and Google Trends for Keyword Research


Competitor Analysis:


  • What isCompetitor AnalysisTools?
  • Set up of SEO add-ons on browser.
  • Howto use them?
  • Analysis Report Discussion
  • Advance Keyword Research for your Competitor


On-Page Optimization:

  • Optimize Keywords in Title Tag
  • Meta Tag Checker and Optimize Keywords in Description Meta Tag
  • Optimize Keywords in Heading Tag (H1,H3)
  • Details about keywords and Keyword Optimization.
  • What is Google Webmaster Tools?
  • What is Sitemap?
  • Creating robots.txt file and Submission on Google Webmaster Tools.
  • How to Create and Submission Sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools
  • Keyword Research Tools (Google Adwords Planner)
  • How to Keyword Research?
  • How to Use Google Adwords Planner?
  • How to Use Google insights?
  • Advance SEO Secrecy Tips

Off Page Optimization

Once On Page Optimization has been done you have to involve Off Page Optimization which you give your website to extra preference to promote globally. Off PAGE Optimization is a process which will interact out side of your website. Here you have to done few task which will be provide on the training session.

Off Page SEO

  • What is off page optimization?
  • What is back link
  • Do follow and no follow back link details discussion
  • Different link building strategy
  • Blog commenting
  • Social bookmarking
  • Forum posting
  • Directory submission
  • What is link wheel?
  • How to create an effective link wheel?
  • Advance SEO Secrecy Tips.

Discussion on Backlinks

  • What is Inbound link
  • What is Out bound link
  • Do follow back link and it’s advantages
  • No follow back link
  • How to Maintain a Keyword Density on Content
  • Article/Content optimization
  • Do follow and No follow back link
  • Advance Keyword Research for your Competitor
  • How to Page rank and traffic rank checking
  • How to use different SEO Tools
  • Advance SEO Secrecy Tips