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We are now living in the era of Technology and front of the 4th industrial Revolution. Every other day is coming with innovations and ideas. So “Career Path” is not the same as it was ten or twenty years back. The world is changing & we need to keep with this pace.

IT VANILLA is a tech startup from Dinajpur. We started the journey in late August of 2016 in a different name and place. The dream was always to turn this small beloved town into a Tech Hub & help local graduates make skilled and grow their global careers.

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Don't decrease there goal. Increase the effort!

– IT Vanilla

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IT Vanilla | The journey

10 years of experience

24/7 Online Support- We always listen to our students. Any time they are in a problem, our team is always online for providing support to them.

For this process, search engines use ranking factors. These factors are considered, such as keyword match, keyword density, readability of the content, user-friendliness of the site, etc. Using all these data, search engines decide which sites are more relevant to the user’s search terms. They show the results on their result page according to that. And the world getting more and more dependent on the internet, the importance of SEO is reaching sky high.

Our reputation is the proof!

– IT Vanilla

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