IT VANILLA offers cost-effective and reliable Android application development services. To meet your business objectives, our team of experts always provides solutions. Vast knowledge, essential skills, and competence in the development of Android applications are some distinctive features of our Android application developers that make our company incomparable. Developing applications in almost all versions of the Android operating system for years, and we are now experts in creating Android applications of any type. If you have any application idea, then feel free to share it with us and experience our quality and reliable service today!

We try to follow some of the best development practices so that our clients do not miss the opportunities that await them. We at IT VANILLA understand that each organization has various requirements and objectives and we try to achieve them without compromising the best quality. Our experienced development teams take into account the following parameters when making an application:

  • Feasibility: Our experts analyze the needs of clients and write an application plan. We also receive customer ideas when creating a customized application draft.
  • Methodology: The development of cross-platform applications is not very easy since toolkits vary from one ecosystem to another. Providing consistency to the app on multiple platforms is essential.
  • API management: The expert developers of IT VANILLA follow a strict policy related to the use of components on all platforms. This makes it easier to maintain applications and expand functionality.
  • Security: Mobile devices, especially smartphones, are incredibly vulnerable to piracy. Encryption tools and the ability to erase data remotely are essential in applications.
  • User experience: The primary function of a custom application is to replace a website while providing all the latest functions. We try to ensure that the application loads quickly is easy to use and is also visually appealing.
  • Testing: The final phase of the development of custom applications implies an exhaustive test of all the features while maintaining a tab on the safety of the end-user. Access times are also taken into account during the tests.



  • Basic Mobile Apps:
  • Ecommerce Mobile Apps:
  • Advance Ecommerce Mobile Apps(Like Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Flipkart):
  • Basic Ride-Sharing Apps:
  • Advance Ride-Sharing Apps:


If you have any quarry, it’s okay. We are always happy to help you.