Graphic Design Service:

Our creative team has already shown us that the IT VANILLA is the best graphic design company in Bangladesh, for high-quality visual artworks. You can choose us for logo design, banner design, animated banner design, digital design, advertising designs, brochure design, brochure design, poster design, package design, graphic display or display, infographics, corporate profile designs and business card designs and anything related to design.


The process we follow for doing designing are-


First, we get a brief description of the design process. Our experienced graphic designer collects information about customer expectations and the mission, vision, and objectives of the company, as well as its products and services.

Once our designer has received a brief description of the client, then they start to investigate. During this phase, our senior expert designer would look for information about competitors, the point of differentiation (POD), the market, the audience, trends, and future perspectives.

In this step, we begin to draw some sketches of the client’s ideas. Once our expert designer has finally turned off the creative exploration, we share the sketches with the client. And after receiving the green signal, we begin to design the final project.

After we get the approval of the models, our designer takes care of his design software and begins to create several versions of his selected sketches. We try to mix and match colour palettes, typographic combinations, and a grid structure to create variations.

With a final design in hand, we begin the implementation phase by presenting the last piece of the client. A printed graphic job would require a file format ready to print.

Finally, we give the customer another opportunity to review the final product and provide feedback. If our project aligns with the objectives of the report, we are ready to begin. Or, if our customers request more modifications, our service is always open for them.

When everything is okay, then we deliver the project to our client. Our sincerely stepwise works have made us a trusted IT company in Bangladesh. If anyone wants to deal with us, then our graphic design companies are ready to serve national and international clients following modern trends and technology.

We develop customised solutions for our corporate and business clients. Contact our IT VANILLA team today for more information on how to solve your design!


If you have any quarry, it’s okay. We are always happy to help you.


  • 2 Videos per month ( 1min-1:30min)
  • Facebook Images 3/week
  • Instragrame Images 3/week
  • Infographic 2/month
  • Powerpoint Presentation 1/month
  • ----------------
  • ----------------
  • ----------------


  • 1video/month (2.30-3.00min)
  • Facebook Image 5/week
  • Instagram 5/week
  • Other one Social 5/week
  • Infographic 3/month +PDF
  • PowerPoint Presentation 2/month +PDF
  • ----------------
  • ----------------


  • 4videos/month - 4.00-5.00min
  • Facebook Image - 7/week
  • Instagram Image - 7/week
  • Other two 25min - 7/week
  • Reddit Image - 3/week
  • Infographic Image - 4/month +PDF
  • PowerPoint Presentation - 3/month +PDF
  • E-book (5-10 pages) - (1/2month)