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A website can be your dream, business, or form of marketing. We at StartDesigns have the best website designers to help you create a target-oriented, adaptive, appealing, user-friendly, and efficient website. We offer beautiful, elegant templates, customizable layouts, web integrations, mobile-optimized design, and a lot more.

Whatever you desire, we create using WordPress, Magento, ruby on rails, etc.

Let us update your website for you

If you want to launch or change your products and services, have special offers, or if you need to keep the essential details of your employees updated, then we can do all these things in the way that you want. We can do this very quickly by reading our client’s minds.

To promote your business it is always important to keep your website updated. So, if you feel important to promote your business on a large scale then feel free to contact IT VANILLA.


Why Choose Our Services:

Experience Team

Our experienced team is the key to success that handle any project impressively. Our experience helps us to complete our professional goals in time without any hurdles.

Creative Ideas

Being a leading website design company we have a reputation for designing the most inspiring and creative ideas that help customers to build a unique identity through an online presence in the industry.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Policy

We are strictly concerned about our client data, we make it confidential to provide more security to our customers. We always follow the NDA policy.

On-time Delivery

While we have a team of highly professional developers and experts we are able to deliver projects on time. Without any comprise in the quality of products and services. We do bug-free coding.

Professional Approach

Our approach is more professional. We always listen to the requirements and ideas of our customers. Share our experience to improve and provides what our customer thinks.

Customer Support

As an emerging eCommerce web designing company, we ensure to provide 24×7 customer support. We help clients to make familiar with using CMS, which we use to build an eCommerce website.

Our Website design development pricing package:

A website has two parts, a front design part, and a backend development part. We provide website service, website design, and development. You can easily use your website if we are going to develop it.

You can easily update and modify your company’s website. To know the price packages that we charge for website design and development, you have to contact us through call or email.

Our weekly and monthly web maintenance packages include services:

  1. Text and images: Add, update, or delete any text and add, update, resize, crop or delete images on your website (provided by you)
  2. Videos: We add, update or delete videos on your website (provided by you).
  3. Records: We add, update or delete any file or document on your website (provided by you).
  4. Pages and publications: We create new pages or blog posts (content provided by you).
  5. Links: We help in adding, updating, or removing links on your website.
  6. E-commerce products: Add, update or remove products on your e-commerce website (content provided by you).

If you have any quarry, it’s okay. We are always happy to help you.

Welcome to “The Beginner’s Guide to Website Design Development”! This concise and informative guide will explore the fundamental principles and key concepts of creating captivating and functional websites. Whether you’re new to design or looking to enhance your skills, this guide will equip you with the essential knowledge to embark on your journey in the dynamic world of best development company. Let’s unlock the secrets of crafting user-friendly and visually stunning websites that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

What is Web Design

Web design is the art and skill of creating and arranging a website’s visual elements and layout. It involves a combination of creativity and technical expertise to ensure that the website is aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and effectively communicates the desired message to the audience.

Web Design Company in Bangladesh

Creative It Vanilla is Bangladesh’s best web design company based in Dinajpur. It has been recognized for its talented programmers and creative developers for the past eight years. Creative It Vanilla is a comprehensive website and software development company for portfolio websites, eCommerce websites, or ERP software. As the best web design company in Bangladesh, we closely follow the latest market trends and strive to offer our clients the best possible service acceptably and sincerely. This is what sets us apart from the competition. 

The Creative It Vanilla team is fully trained in the newest technology and strongly emphasizes research. We have served more than 200 small and medium businesses with our Website Design, development, software development, website app design, SEO, eCommerce website development, graphic Design, digital advertising, CMS development, mobile app development, custom programming framework (Laravel, Node Js) development, and many other consulting services. We work with several esteemed domestic and foreign companies, including Hameem Group, City Group, Rupashi Group, BS Group, Hams Group, Anjan’s, LG Butterfly, Escape Group, JCX Builders, IDAB, My Cell, Assessment Development, Aristocrat Group and Bumrungrad. Hospital.

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Web Design Company in Dinajpur

Contrary to common beliefs, Creative It Vanilla, a Dinajpur web design company, offers much more than expected. Our company specializes in developing visually appealing and strategically designed online stores to ensure customers have a memorable shopping experience. We serve businesses and customers as a platform that facilitates B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customer) interactions. Our ultimate goal, regardless of the client type, is to create satisfied customers.

We provide comprehensive solutions for the digital world, which has become disruptive in many industries. Industries that drive the global economy must adapt to the new consumer demands and a globalized world.

Our services include graphic Design and eCommerce website development.

Why is Web Development Important

Web development plays a pivotal role in the modern digital landscape and is of paramount importance for several compelling reasons:

Online Presence: In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses, organizations, and individuals. A well-designed website serves as a virtual storefront, enabling businesses to reach a global audience and establish credibility.

Accessibility and Convenience: The internet allows information and services to be accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Web development ensures that websites and web applications are designed to be user-friendly and convenient for visitors, enhancing their overall experience.

Business Growth and Reach: A well-optimized website can significantly expand a company’s customer base and market reach. It opens opportunities to tap into new markets, attract potential customers, and increase sales or conversions.

Branding and Communication: Websites are essential for effective branding and communication strategies. They provide a platform to showcase a brand’s identity, values, and unique selling propositions, fostering a strong connection with the target audience.

E-Commerce and Revenue Generation: Web development creates secure and seamless e-commerce platforms, facilitating online transactions and revenue generation. This empowers businesses to expand their sales channels beyond physical stores.

Data Collection and Analysis: Web development allows businesses to collect valuable user behaviour, preferences, and demographic data. This data can be analyzed to make informed decisions, optimize user experiences, and improve overall performance.

Technological Advancements: As technology evolves, web development keeps pace with new trends and innovations. It ensures websites remain compatible with different devices, screen sizes, and browsers, adapting to ever-changing user preferences.

Social and Cultural Impact: Web development has revolutionized connecting, communicating, and sharing ideas. It has facilitated the rise of social media, online communities, and knowledge-sharing platforms, enriching the global cultural exchange.

Choosing a Web Design Tool

Selecting the right web design tool is crucial for any aspiring web designer or developer. With many options available, finding the perfect fit can be overwhelming. However, a well-suited web design tool can significantly impact your web projects’ efficiency, creativity, and overall success.


User-Friendly Interface: Look for a tool that offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This ensures you can quickly grasp its features and start designing without a steep learning curve.

Design Flexibility: Opt for a tool that allows you to express your creativity freely. Look for features like drag-and-drop functionality, customizable templates, and the ability to create responsive designs to ensure your website looks great on different devices.

Compatibility: Ensure the tool supports industry-standard technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so your designs can be easily implemented and integrated into the development process.

Performance: Pay attention to the tool’s performance and speed, especially when handling large projects or complex designs. Laggy tools can hinder your productivity and creativity.

Cross-Platform Availability: If you work across multiple devices or platforms, consider a web design tool on various operating systems or offer cloud-based access.

Collaboration Features: Collaboration features are essential if you’re part of a design team. Look for tools that allow real-time collaboration or easy file sharing.

Support and Updates: Choose a tool with good customer support and a history of regular updates, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest features and security improvements.

Cost: Consider your budget and the tool’s pricing model. Some tools offer free versions or trial periods, while others may require a subscription or one-time purchases.

Popular Web Design Tools:

Adobe XD: Ideal for creating interactive prototypes and user interfaces with its versatile features.

Sketch: Mac-exclusive design software known for its vector-based editing capabilities and ease of use.

Figma: A cloud-based design tool with robust collaboration features, making it great for remote teams.

Canva: A beginner-friendly tool with a vast library of templates and graphics for quick design projects.

Webflow: Suitable for designers with some coding knowledge, enabling them to create dynamic and visually appealing websites.

Selecting a web design tool depends on your needs, skill level, and preferences. Take the time to explore different options, try out free versions or trial periods, and assess how well each tool aligns with your design workflow before making a final decision.

Design vs. Front-end Development vs. Back-end Development

To simplify matters, let’s divide website creation into two distinct categories: the visible elements that users interact with and the hidden elements that users don’t directly see.

The visible aspects, which take place within a web browser, encompass front-end design and development. Design is responsible for determining the website’s colours, layout, font choices, and images—essentially all elements related to the website’s branding and user experience. This process typically involves utilizing Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and Sketch tools.

Using coding languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript to implement that Design is called front-end development. These languages allow users to interact with buttons, images, text, contact forms, and navigation menus. And they are integral to responsive and adaptive Design.

What the User Needs to See Takes Place on a Server and Involves Back-end Development.

For a website to function effectively, it requires a back end to manage and organize all the data gathered from the front end. Whenever a user purchases or submits a form, the relevant information is entered into an application on the website’s front end. Subsequently, this data is stored in a database hosted on a server. This back-end setup ensures smooth data handling and storage for the website’s operations.

A website works the way you want it to because the front and back ends of a website are always communicating. A back-end developer is like the driver. They ensure applications, databases, and servers work harmoniously using languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, and .Net, along with frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Code Igniter.

Elements of Web Design

In his renowned essay, “The Politics of Design,” the legendary designer Paul Rand expressed that Design is fundamentally a problem-solving endeavour. It is a powerful tool to elucidate, merge, and emphasize the essence of a word, image, product, or event. Through Design, clarity, coherence, and impactful representation are achieved, enabling effective communication and visual expression.

Web designers play a continuous role in resolving issues for their users. The primary goal of websites is to ensure that users can effortlessly navigate to their desired destinations and accomplish their tasks without hassle. When users encounter frustration or difficulty, it diminishes the likelihood of them staying on the website, and they may not even consider returning.

Layout: Layout refers to the strategic arrangement of various elements on a website, including the header, navigation menu, footer, content, and graphics. The Design of these elements is influenced by the website’s intended purpose and the web designer’s vision for user interaction. 

Visual Hierarchy: Enabling users to access essential information effortlessly by glancing at a website is crucial. This is where the concept of visual hierarchy becomes significant. By employing elements like size, colour, spacing, and more, the visual hierarchy establishes priorities among the various aesthetic aspects of the website.

Navigation: Navigation helps users get from point A to point B using navigation tools like site architecture, menus, and search bars. Simple and efficient navigation helps users find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

Colour: Color gives a website personality, makes it stand out, and shows users how to act. The colour palette may be determined by a brand identity or website content (like how this plant website uses shades of green). A consistent colour palette helps bring order to a website.


Web Design Development is the key to crafting engaging and user-friendly online experiences. Its fusion of creativity and technology empowers businesses to thrive in the digital era, reaching wider audiences and leaving a lasting impact. Embracing this dynamic field is essential for staying relevant and successful in today’s digital landscape. Comment here.