About IT Vanilla

We are now living in the era of Technology and front of the 4th industrial Revolution. Every other day is coming with innovations and ideas. So “Career Path” is not the same as it was ten or twenty years back. The world is changing & we need to keep with this pace.

IT VANILLA is a tech startup from Dinajpur. We started the journey in late August of 2016 in a different name and place. The dream was always to turn this small beloved town into a Tech Hub & help local graduates make skilled and grow their global careers.

IT VANILLA offers all digital services needed to grow a small online business to make it significant. We are a team of well experienced Online professionals, working with many international clients.

IT VANILLA feels that there is more opportunity for the youth to grow a Good Career with Global clients. Our country is facing an unemployment problem. But when we have the internet, the workspace is not bound with any boundaries.

If we only have a skilled workforce, we can work with global clients & help to solve the unemployment problem.

IT VANILLA is working to explain that his way.

There is a lot of skill development training or IT training institute already available. But the problem is, in most cases, the instructors have no or minimal experience about the global job market & ways to find work.


So being a team of skilled professionals, IT VANILLA is launching a Skill Development Program. We are a digital marketing agency, which creates a web, social, and strategic communication projects focused on development, design, and marketing; we help brands and companies to stand out in digital media. With more than ten years of Outsourcing Industry experience in Global Marketplace and Handle more than 500 clients worldwide. We work for clients day-night with all our love, efforts, and passion so that the client’s business grows more and more.


What We Do


We make sure your site looks great, but we also consider other factors that make the difference between having an “attractive” website and a website that generates new business. We design and develop websites, develop e-commerce sites, custom PHP programming, and mobile applications

WordPress Website

We make sure your website looks good, but we also consider other essential factors that make the difference between having an “attractive” website and having a website that also generates new business.


Mobile Application Development.

We are a digital agency with more than eight years in the market that creates a web, social, and strategic communication projects focused on development, design, and marketing. We help brands and companies to excel in digital media.

E-commerce Websites

We offer a complete service, which includes the design, creation, logistics configuration, and digital catalog of the online store.

We develop sites optimized for mobile devices and linked to an online payment platform.

Landing Page

We design beautiful landing pages that turn visitors into customers. Thanks to our elegant designs, web optimization, and 100% personalized services, we can make the most of your campaigns.

With our homepage you can count on:

Make and Edit Videos

Together, with specialized partners, we have developed various photographic productions. In each of our works, we print our particular style, through images, bright and suggestive videos they sell.



We help small businesses to grow globally with our strategy to find their target audience. So that your website gets the results, what you are looking for actually. Through web-based digital marketing tools, such as SEO web positioning, Google Adwords, Email Marketing, Advertising on social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin, we can make you sure your growth indeed.


We have monthly maintenance and support services at your disposal, to ensure that your site loads ultra-fast, always be safe and we can improve it together over time thanks to our advice.


Our Values:

  • Discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Professionalism
  • Relationship
  • Team Work

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Digital-Marketing-and-SEO - 7 years
Graphics-Design/ - 5years
Web-Design-Development - 4years
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