Web Design and Development Service:

Let us update your website for you

If you want to launch or change your products and services, have special offers, or if you need to keep the essential details of your employees updated, then we can do all these things in a way that you want. We can do this very quickly by reading our clients mind.

To promote your business it is always important to keep your website updated. So, if you feel important to promote your business in a large scale then feel free to contact IT VANILLA. Because IT VANILLA was always a trusted IT partner of its client.


Our Website design development pricing package:


A website has two parts, a front design part, and a backend development part. We provide website service, website design, and development. You can easily use your website if we are going to develop it. You can easily update and modify your company’s website. To know the price packages that we charge for website design and development, you have to contact us through call or email.



Our weekly and monthly web maintenance packages include services:


  1. Text and images: Add, update or delete any text and add, update, resize, crop or delete images on your website (provided by you)
  2. Videos:We add, update or delete videos on your website (provided by you).
  3. Records: We add, update or delete any file or document on your website (provided by you).
  4. Pages and publications: We create new pages or blog posts (content provided by you).
  5. Links: We help in adding, update or remove links on your website.
  6. E-commerce products: Add, update or remove products on your e-commerce website (content provided by you).

If you have any quarry, it’s okay. We are always happy to help you.