class 1: PHP procedural – 1 

    Introduction Variable

    Data Type




class 2: PHP procedural – 2

    Number System

    printf, sprintf


    Ternary operator


class 3: PHP procedural – 3


    loop(for, while, do…while)

    Best coding Practice


class 4: PHP procedural projects and theory:

  1. Find Bigger Number
  2. Leap Year 
  3. Fibonacci Series
  4. Factorial


    spaceship operator, null collapse operator


class 5: PHP pDatabase (SQL) – 5 rocedural – 4


    Recursive Function 

    Variable scope

    The unlimited argument in function 


class 6: PHP procedural – 5


  1. Indexed Array 2. Associative Array 
  2. Multi-Dimensional Array 

    Array to String 

    String to Array 



class 7: PHP procedural – 6

    Array Advance 1: 

    Copy by value, Copy by reference

    Data extract from array 

    Marge Array 

    Array sorting 

    Search In array 


class 8: PHP procedural – 7 

    Array Advance 2: 

    Utility functions

    list function 

    range function 

    array shuffle 

    Associative array shuffling problem solution 


class 9: HTML Web Page:

    use php in html webpage

    http verbs: get, post, put, delete

    form input

    user input sanitize


class 10: File Upload:

    file upload manage

    multiple file upload 

    php.ini settings


class 11: String Operation:

    various string writing method

    ASCII code

    string reverse

    string search, tokenization, replace, trim, word wrap

    sscanf function 


class 12: File System 

    Data read, write, append from file

    open file in various mode

    Data process in various file

    Data process with serialize array and JSON

    N.B: May take one more class


class 13: CRUD Project


class 14: Practice CRUD Project


class 15: SESSION

    SESSION introduction

    Create SESSION

    User authentication with SESSION

    Role Management

    SESSION Scope

    SESSION storage



class 16: Date & Time

    PHP time date functions


    PHP date formDatabase (SQL) – 5 at

    UNIX & GMT timestamp

    sting to UNIX timestamp 


class 17: Object-Oriented Programming – 1


    Class, Object, Method, Property

    Constructor Method 


class 18: Object Oriented programming -2 

    public and private method 


    parent and child class scope 

    example with inheritance


class 19: Object-Oriented programming – 3

    abstract class & method

    inheritance final keyword 


    static method and properties 


class 20: Object Oriented programming – 4

    static scope 


    magic methods


    object cloning 

    object to string 


class 21: Object Oriented programming – 5

    early & late binding 

    property overloading 

    class file autoloading 



class 22: Object Oriented programming advanced – 1

    method chaining 

    dependency injection 

    SOLID principle 


class 23: Object Oriented programming advance – 2

    SOLID principal 

        S – Single-responsibility principle

        O – Open-closed principle

        L – Liskov substitution principle

        I – Interface segregation principle

        D – Dependency Inversion Principle


Class 23: Trait:

    Trait introduction 

    method order 

    conflict resolution 

    abstract & static method 


class 24: File system & Directory – 1 

    filesystem and directory functions

    Create directory  

    Delete directory 

    Delete directory recursively 

    File and folder permission 


class 25: File system & Directory – 2 

    DirectoryIterator class 

    RecursiveDirectoryIterator class 

    pathinfo() function 

    copy files 

    glob() function 


class 26: Mailing: 

    Text email 

    html email 

    Mail with attachment 



class 27: Error Handling: 

    Error Settings 

    error log 

    custom error handler 

    fatal error handler 

    debug with backtracing 


class 28: Database: 


    MySql database 

    Basic Sql Command 


class 29: OOP Design Pattern:


    Singleton pattern 

    Adapter pattern 

    Decorator pattern

    Factory pattern 


class 30: OOP Design Pattern:

    Abstract factory pattern 

    Facade pattern 

    Strategy pattern 


Class 31: Project: 

    Tasks project 


class 32: project:

    project practice 


class 33: Database (SQL) – 1

    table structure 

    data grouping 

    Multiple where clause 

    Data pick from multiple table 

    inner join 


class 34: Database (SQL) – 2

    group by

    aggregator function 

    sub select 

    various joining

    left, right join 


class 35:  Database (SQL) – 3

    data import 

    if…else in select query 

    random value 

    mysql table duplication 


class 36: Database (SQL) – 4

    Stored Procedure:


        store procedure example 

        store procedure parameter 

        delete, show, edit store procedure 


class 37: Database (SQL) – 5 

    MySQL prepared statement 


        SQL injection 

        LIKE, IN operator 

        Result display 


class 38: Database (SQL) – 5 



class 39: Final project 

    user dashboard(web app)

    user authentication 

    user role 

    usage of libraries 


class 40: Final project: 

    complete the full project 


class 41, 42: Project practicing 


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